When Was Your First Shower Beer?

The other day someone asked me how long ago I had experienced my first shower beer, and I was surprised how quickly I remembered the exact day.  For the record, it was June 29th, 2002 and my beer of choice was a Lone Star tallboy.   Ahhh the memories.

The reason I remember this so vividly was because June 29th is my birthday and my roommate at the time was obsessed with making sure I was completely shit-hammered by the time we went out that night.  After a valiant morning of pre-game drinking, I decided that I needed to shower up and get ready for my evening of debauchery and regret.  To my surprise, as I walked into the bathroom, I saw an unopened beer on the counter and a shot of whiskey.  For a moment I stared at both and silently resented my roommate.  Without much thought, I took the shot, opened the beer and accepted my fate.  A few minutes later, as I stepped into the hot shower I reached for that beer and took a drink.  That was the exact moment I decided that drinking beer in the shower would be a regular thing for me. 

Did other people know about this shower + beer thing?  Would people think I’m some sort of weirdo for drinking in the shower?  These were the first two questions that immediately came to mind.  The next question was, “How did I not know about this sooner?!?”

Well that was 11 years ago, and I can proudly say that I still enjoy my shower beers.  Only those of us who have actually tried this little ritual can truly understand and appreciate the experience.  If you’re reading this now and have never drank a beer in the shower, do yourself a favor and give it a go.  I’m almost certain you’ll get the same felling as those of us who already know.  And for those of you who are no stranger to the awesomeness of the mighty shower beer, this question is for you:  When did you have your first shower beer? 


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