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Best Shower Mirrors Review

A bathroom is never complete without a mirror. The best shower mirror is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With so many choices out there, which one should you choose?

If you’re shopping for a new mirror for your bathroom, you might want to check out these products:

  • Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror
  • ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee
  • The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror
  • ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror

To help you make a more informed buying decision, this article will discuss the features and pros and cons of each shower mirror.

Best Shower Mirror

Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror

Can’t get a close, comfortable shave because of a foggy mirror? The frameless Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror lets you see exactly what you’re doing because of its fog-free design.

How to stop it from fogging:

Keep it under the shower stream for a couple of seconds. By doing this, the temperature of the water, moist air, and the mirror will even out to establish long-lasting fog resistance.

This shower mirror is mounted to the wall with an adhesive hook. Shower mirrors by The Shave Well Company® are known for its durability, so you don’t have to worry breaking this.


  • 83 inches tall x 5.25 inches wide x 1.8 inches thick
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Adhesive hook base: 1-inch x 1 ½ inches
  • This is bigger than the original by 33%.

Note: The Shave Well Company® bathroom mirrors are assembled at the Sunshine Industries, a non-profit organization that serves adults with intellectual disabilities.


  • It doesn’t fog up, as advertised.
  • You can bring it anywhere because of its compact size and light weight.
  • It has a break-resistant construction.


  • The adhesive on the back of the hook loses it stickiness fast.
  • It’s a bit pricey.
  • It fogs up again after a short time.

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

This shower mirror from ToiletTree Products also prevents fogging. The principle behind its unique fog-free design is the same with other fog-resistant mirrors. The only difference is the execution.

Unlike other fogless mirrors, you don’t need to spray anything on it or put it under the shower stream. How it works is simple: add warm or hot water to its removable chamber. This equalizes the temperature of the mirror’s surface and the air. Thus, there’s no condensation or fogging.

Another great feature of this shower mirror is its flexible design. You can tilt it up and down or remove it from the bracket, so you can get a good angle or clear view while shaving, putting on makeup, tweezing, and doing your skin care routine.

This fogless shower mirror uses a double-sided, water-resistant tape for mounting on any wall surface. There’s a shelf built below the mirror for storing your tweezers, shaving razor, and squeegee.


  • 5 inches x 6.5 inches x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 13.4 ounces


  • When used correctly, it prevents the formation of condensation.
  • The adjustable bracket and detachable mirror are convenient.
  • It offers high resolution reflection and excellent image quality.


  • It’s made of plastic, so don’t expect for it to last a long time.
  • The adjustable bracket eventually becomes weak.
  • The double-sided tape is so strong that it’s difficult to get it off the wall.

The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Don’t mistake The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror for the Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror, the first product in this list. The difference lies in their size. This one’s smaller than the Deluxe shower mirror. But both are sold with an adhesive hook.

This Shave Well Company shower mirror is frameless, which gives its floating effect. Since there’s no frame, it easily fits into any bathroom with a minimalist or modern design. Plus, no rusting.

Keeping it clean is simple. The Shave Well Company® uses a special coating on their shaving mirrors, including this one, so it’s easier for you to remove residues on the surface using only a small amount of your regular toothpaste.


  • 6 inches tall x 4 inches wide x 1-inch thick
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces


  • Its small size and light weight make it ideal for small spaces and traveling.
  • The anti-fogging feature works, with little trouble.
  • You have the option to put it on its hook or hold it in your hand.


  • The coating on the back of the mirror easily scrapes off.
  • Some people find it too small (around the palm of your hand) for their liking.
  • Some complained about fogging.

ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror

Simple yet stylish—the ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror is perfect for any bathroom. It’s a framed mirror with a fully adjustable bracket, which allows you to tilt it up and down and swivel it side to side to get a better angle.

The anti-fogging process of this shower mirror is similar to the ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee. It has an oversized chamber where you add hot or warm water to make it resistant to fogging. When you’re done, you can spin the mirror to let the water out.


  • Frame dimensions: 8 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide
  • Mirror surface: 7.75 inches high x 6 inches wide
  • Distance from the wall: 1.75 inches
  • Includes a squeegee and built-in shelf


  • It’s convenient and easy to use.
  • It has a strong mounting adhesive.
  • You can tilt and rotate the mirror.


  • The two slots at each side of the shelf are not compatible with some shaving razors.
  • There are distortions.
  • Mold and mildew could form if you forget to empty the water chamber.


There are a lot of things you need to consider when buying a good quality shower mirror: size, thickness, mounting type, frame type, anti-fogging system, surface quality, and so on.

These four are just some the best shower mirrors that you could try:

  • Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror
  • ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee
  • The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror
  • ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror

So, what features are you looking for in a shower mirror?

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Best Shower Caps Review

Shopping for showering caps isn’t exactly fun—until now. These “glorified plastics” are making a come-back, with more styles and materials that you could choose from. The best shower cap keeps your hair dry, looks stylish, stays comfortable, and affordable (or is able to justify its price).

In this article, you’ll discover four of our top picks of chic and functional shower caps:

  • Kitsch Luxe Shower Cap
  • mikimini Waterproof Washable Shower Cap
  • Klorane Washable Terrycloth Lined Showercap
  • Shower Caps, ESARORA 4 PACK Bath Caps Perfect for Women all Hair Lengths and Thicknesses

If you’re interested, read on to learn more about these shower caps.

Best Shower Cap

Kitsch Luxe Shower Cap

At first glance, the design of the Kitsch Luxe Shower Cap − Blush Dot will remind you of an African head wrap. This pink shower cap has a cute red dot pattern, with has a pretty decorative bow in front.

The Blush Dot is made of thick nylon. This material is known for its durability, elasticity, and resistance to mildew.

Fitted with a gentle elastic band and a non-slip grip, it comfortably fits most head sizes with a maximum circumference of 24 inches. To ensure a good fit, twist your hair loosely at the back of your neck then pull the cap up and over your hair, towards your forehead.

Other details:

  • Dimensions: 10 inches x 10 inches x 6.5 inches
  • Cleaning recommendation: hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth


  • It conceals long hair perfectly.
  • It keeps water out and dry.
  • It doesn’t absorb oil and other hair care products.


  • It’s expensive.
  • It’s a little difficult to get all of your hair inside the cap.
  • Some people with an average-sized head find it too small. Keep in mind that it will not fit over hair curlers.

mikimini Waterproof Washable Shower Cap

If you don’t care much about cute or fashionable designs, the simple look of the mikimini Waterproof Washable Shower Cap might suit you. It has a simple look—an all-white material and a beautiful teal edging.

Mikimini used high-quality PVC for making the outside and inside of this shower cap. Combined with a cotton-lined, elastic band around the edge, it efficiently keeps your hair dry and protected from dirt. It’s roomy and stretchy, making it suitable for girls and women with shoulder length curly or straight hair.

Mikimini Waterproof Washable Shower Cap has many uses. You can wear it when you’re cooking, showering, in a sauna, or getting a hair mask treatment.

Dimensions of the shower cap: 10 x 190 x 240 mm


  • It doesn’t have a strong chemical smell.
  • The size of this shower cap is just perfect for women with short and long hair.
  • The elastic band makes the shower cap stay in place.


  • This shower cap doesn’t seem to fit people with thick and long curly hair.
  • It might smell bad after a few months of use.
  • It’s too noisy, which might prevent you from hearing anyone speaking.

Klorane Washable Terrycloth Lined Showercap

Like the mikimini shower cap, the Klorane Washable Terrycloth Lined Showercap sports a simple design. It’s covered in cute drawings of a shampoo bottle, hair dryer, and brush on a white background.

It may not be something you’ll find on a fashion magazine, but it makes up for it with its functionality, design, and materials. The outside is made of PEVA, a PVC-free, odorless, mold-resistant, and allergy-resistant material. The inside is lined with absorbent, durable, and soft terry cloth.

The Klorane Washable Terrycloth Lined Showercap is best for people with thick, long hair. It’s perfect for keeping your hair dry and your hair styles intact between washes.

Care tips:

  • After each use, hang up to dry, either inside or outside.
  • For a deep clean, pull the shower cap, so the inside is facing out. Machine wash using the gentle cycle. Don’t use the dryer.


  • It holds hair tightly without being painful.
  • Despite not drying quickly, it doesn’t develop any foul smell or mildew.
  • The size is good, and it’s comfortable.


  • It doesn’t dry between use, even after a day or two of not using it.
  • The elastic band stretches out easily.
  • When it’s still new, it might dig into your ears if you wear it for more than 15 minutes.

Shower Caps, ESARORA 4 PACK Bath Caps Perfect for Women all Hair Lengths and Thicknesses

Want to wear different shower caps with different designs, without spending more? If yes, you’ll like the ESARORA 4 PACK Bath Caps. A pack includes four shower caps, each with different prints: zebra, leopard, and floral. The elastics are stitched in properly, so they don’t ruin the look of these shower caps.

These shower caps stretch enough to fit women of all hair lengths and thickness. You can use them to keep your hair dry while showering, avoid bed hair, protect your fab hairstyle, or even when you’re riding water slides.

Care tips:

  • Wash them by hand only. You can machine wash them, but it should be on gentle cycle.


  • They stay on regardless if you’re using them in the shower or on a roller coaster.
  • The fit is great, even if you have big, curly hair.
  • The material used is durable.


  • They’re not big enough to accommodate women with afro-textured hair.
  • They’re a bit stiff and uncomfortable to wear.
  • They produce plastic-like smell.


Unlike before, you have more options for shower caps nowadays to suit your unique needs. These four shower caps are just some of your good options:

  • Kitsch Luxe Shower Cap
  • mikimini Waterproof Washable Shower Cap
  • Klorane Washable Terrycloth Lined Showercap
  • Shower Caps, ESARORA 4 PACK Bath Caps Perfect for Women all Hair Lengths and Thicknesses

So, which of these four shower caps are your favorite?

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Best Shower Filters For Hard Water Review

Shower filters are one of the best ways to soften and purify hard water. Not only that, they can also improve dry, itchy skin and scalp and unmanageable hair.

So, what are the best shower filters for hard water products on the market?

Here are our top picks:

  • Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head
  • Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead
  • AquaHomeGroup Powerful 12 Stage Shower Head Filter for Hard Water
  • AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

We’ll talk about these in greater detail in the next section of this article. If you want to know what’s best for you, read on.

Best Shower Filter For Hard Water

Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head

Up to 95%—that’s the maximum amount of chlorine the Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head promises to filter. It uses a patented blend of high-quality redox media, which include calcium, copper, and zinc, to control the growth of harmful microorganisms and reduce heavy metals (iron, lead, and mercury).

Here’s how it works: The redox media used in this Berkey shower filter convert free chlorine to nontoxic chloride, which is too big for your skin to absorb, to prevent irritations and dryness.

Note: You don’t need to prime it. But if you want, you can run it through water for one to two minutes.


  • It works as promised, but don’t forget to backwash to prevent premature clogging.
  • It removes the awful smell of chlorine in water.
  • Priming is not necessary.


It’s more expensive than the water filters of other top brands, like Aquasana.

Some complained that it clogged and stopped working properly after a month of use (which we think was caused by not regularly backwashing.)

It might not work with the type of water in your area. Ask your water supplier about the chloramine levels present in your water.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead

Enjoy pristine water using the Aquasana AQ-4100 shower filter. The filter media is a mix of AquaSorb™ HX coconut shell carbon and copper/zinc (KDF 55 granules), which enhance water pH and air quality and reduce the level of harmful compounds in your tap water, such as:

  • Chlorine (up to 90% removed)
  • Herbicides
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Pesticides
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Another great thing about this shower water filter is its adjustable massaging shower head. It has different massage settings for a better shower experience.

Aquasana promises that the AQ-4100 is one of the shower filters with the longest useful life on the market—10,000 gallons or six months’ worth of fresh water before replacement is required.

The Aquasana AQ-4100 shower filter is easy to install and replace. No tools required. Plus, it’s compatible with most shower heads with a maximum 2.5 GPM flow rate.


  • You can install it all by yourself.
  • The chrome-like ring around the head isn’t metal, but overall, this shower filter is durable.
  • It softens the water and rids it of undesirable smell and taste.


  • You can’t swivel the shower head, so it can’t spray water to the direction that you want.
  • The price of the replacement filter is expensive.
  • The water pressure is a bit too strong for some people.

AquaHomeGroup Powerful 12 Stage Shower Head Filter for Hard Water

The AquaHomeGroup improved this model by adding new properties, such as the removal of irritating and harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and other contaminants. This is equipped with an inline water filter to maintain high output and consistent water pressure.

According to AquaHomeGroup, this model supports good health and improves physical appearance. Their 12-stage filtration system makes these benefits possible.

It’s composed of the following filtration media:

  • Granulated activated coconut carbon
  • Polypropylene cotton
  • Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF-55)
  • Calcium sulfite
  • Alkaline ceramic balls
  • Energy ceramic balls
  • Maifan stone
  • Germanium ball
  • Ceramic balls with ions


  • It’s significantly cheaper than other shower water filters in its category.
  • It’s difficult to find other low-cost shower filters with a 12-stage filtration system that’s similar to or better than this one.
  • It works as promised.


  • The water pressure drops if you wait too long (after six months) to replace the filters.
  • Some people had a hard time figuring out which way to put the filter in. The instruction manual doesn’t show how to do this.
  • The filter clogs after a few weeks. (If this happens, try backwashing it.)

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

The AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter has a sleek chrome finish that’s truly eye-catching. Just like the AquaHomeGroup Powerful 12 Stage Shower Head Filter for Hard Water, it also removes the bad stuff, neutralize odors, and soften water through a proprietary 12-stage filtration process.

Filtration media:

  • Redox media
  • Far infrared
  • Active carbon
  • Calcium sulfite
  • Vitamin C
  • Zeolite
  • Magnetic energy balls
  • Tourmaline


  • It fits most types of shower heads (hand-held, fixed, rainfall, etc.).
  • If you know how to change a light bulb, you can install this within a few minutes.
  • It makes your water feel, look, and smell like spring water.


  • It could clog after a few weeks if chloramine is used for disinfecting your tap water.
  • The replacement filters don’t seem to have the same quality as the original.
  • It weakens the water pressure and prevents it from staying hot or warm.


We hope this article will help you find the shower water filter that suits your needs. Just to summarize, some of the best shower filters for hard water are:

  • Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head
  • Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead
  • AquaHomeGroup Powerful 12 Stage Shower Head Filter for Hard Water
  • AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter

Tip: Before using a water filter, we suggest you perform a chlorine test to see if it does its job properly. You can easily buy chlorine test strips online at affordable prices (between $5 and $10).

So, what’s your go-to brand when it comes to water filtration systems? Do you think a water filter is necessary?

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Best Shower Radios for Home Review

Bluetooth speakers with shower radio functionality have become common nowadays. Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that allows the exchange of data over short distances. On this article, we will examine some of the best shower radios for home and see which ones sound great and can pass the dunk test.

Bluetooth radio is a technological advancement that can let you connect your smartphone and your Bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to the radio. It may have an inbuilt radio system. This is convenient since you don’t need cables. We live in a time when audio equipment is geared towards the future. Technology has evolved significantly and gotten a lot smarter over time, which has culminated with the development of Bluetooth radio.

Bluetooth speakers are great for situations where portability and operating versatility (say, in outdoor recreational environments) are desired features, so it shouldn’t surprise us that these speakers are often used around water—poolside, lakeside, and beaches—or even in bathrooms. Shower radios provide users an extra assurance that the music can keep on playing even if the speakers end up getting wet or floating about in a pool or the bathtub.

Benefits of Using a Shower Radio with Bluetooth

Using shower radio with Bluetooth has a variety of advantages. The Bluetooth speaker is portable. You can take your music with you without being tethered because of wires. You can connect your smartphone to the speaker within a range of up to 40 meters. You can enjoy cordless music for as long as the batteries on your phone and the speaker hold out.

A Bluetooth radio can play your favorite kinds of music anywhere you go. You can choose between the radio and your own playlists. These types of speakers are generally small and easily portable. Bluetooth speakers are also fairly inexpensive. This means there’s a price point that fits most people’s budgets. They had great sound quality for the money, so you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

Portability is a great feature of Bluetooth speakers. This makes them particularly useful for outdoor recreational activities, where the possibility of the speaker coming into contact with water—at a pool or a beach for example—means water resistance is a desirable additional feature for these devices.

What Makes a Good Shower Radio Bluetooth Speaker?

You don’t just want to know “What is Bluetooth:” you also want to know what makes a good Bluetooth device. Better waterproof Bluetooth speakers have a water resistance rating indicated by an IP code, usually IPX7, indicating the speaker can be immersed in 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. You will also see a rating of IP67, meaning the speaker is rated to be dust/dirt/mud resistant or dustproof as well.

Best Shower Radios for Home Review

We reviewed competing shower radios for home based on the parameters such as its features, pros & cons, and more. We chose this list to represent a broad range of feature sets, and performance while making sure the basic features buyers want in a Bluetooth speaker are there.

While some buyers will be OK with a less expensive speaker that delivers a smaller, thinner sound, most buyers want the biggest, best sound they can get from whatever speaker they purchase. Our review aims at revealing the best overall value for the average consumer.

BassPal Shower Radio, Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


The BassPal Shower Radio is just what it sounds like, a pretty good, inexpensive Bluetooth speaker with a radio that is also IPX7 water resistant. The BassPal comes with a suction cup that is used to mount it in the shower or wherever you wish to use the speaker. It is a simple process to switch between FM radio reception and Bluetooth connections. The BassPal can be submerged and it also floats. The sound is OK but thin and with no bass, which is funny given the name. But if you’re looking for a cute little cylinder that can provide you basic audio quality in the shower, the BassPal Shower Radio is your pal.


  • Has a radio function
  • Works pretty well in the shower
  • Inexpensive


  • Sound is fair only
  • Radio is not full-featured

HB Illumination Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Shower Radio

Easy to use, the HB Illumination is IPX7-rated (so immersible in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes), it floats, it is super compact and durable in design, and it offers good 360-sound in a 10-hour battery-life speaker. Pairs easily with another Wonderboom to make a big, party-worthy sound.

This speaker’s big sound will definitely fill up a room and should be a great sound generator for outdoor activity. It even provides a microphone input for karaoke. That said, it is rather large and definitely does not fit in your hand.


  • Super compact
  • Sound is very good for the size
  • Very durable/IPX7/Floats


  • Takes two to make a big sound
  • Not inexpensive for the size

Sangean H205 AM/FM Weather Alert Waterproof Shower Radio

The Sangean H205 AM delivers big on two main points: it is super durable and provides 16 battery life hours. With the JIS7 waterproof standard, the Sangean is not only water resistant but is rated to resist dust, snow, ice, rain, and mud. And it is impact resistant and floats! Also, through its 20 station memory presets, the Sangean is ready for any outdoor recreational environment.

As for sound, it is OK, not really big or deep enough to compete as a room-filling speaker. But you’re paying for its ruggedness and its battery life. Includes a microphone input. It has a mic, an antenna, and a karaoke set. It has a 3.5 mm auxiliary input and separate knobs for the master volume and mic.


  • Should handle any environment
  • Very good battery life
  • Compact and portable
  • Big sound and bass for a small speaker
  • Really inexpensive


  • Sound is OK; not big
  • Some users report lag on videos

Sangean H201 Portable AM/FM/Weather Alert Digital Tuning Waterproof Shower Radio

As with the Sangean H201, this delivers on durability—it is JIS7 rated (meaning it is dust and water resistant). With 25 memory presets, real-time clock setting and auto seek function, it certainly delivers on extreme portability and compactness. Many users will find the speaker is small enough to fit into their hand. If compact size and light weight and footprint are the concern, the Sangean H201 will deliver. And the sound, while naturally not as big and bassy as a bigger, more expensive speaker, is actually not bad, especially for the size of the speaker and the price. Only 6 battery life hours for this rugged little speaker is one concern.

These speakers are built to impress with an advanced digital sound that is with noise reduction technology and bass radiators that create a unique sound. It has easy-to-read labels and metal radiators at the top and at the bottom. The speaker comes with a wrist strap and has various inputs, including FM radio, Bluetooth, auxiliary input


  • Highly durable and water resistant
  • It floats
  • Sound is pretty good for the size and price


  • Only 6 battery life hours
  • Sound is personal, not party sized

The Verdict

Bluetooth speakers with shower radio functionality are perfect for those who want to listen to the radio or people on-the-go where they are exposed in wet locations or environment. They’re portable and can go with you anywhere–the yard, the kitchen, even your bedroom.

These speakers are great for playing music on your phone because they make it loud enough for lots of people to enjoy. If you hate having cables draped across the furniture and the floor, Bluetooth speakers could be the solution. They are wireless and “pair” with phones and other devices.

In this article, we reviewed a number of the better and more versatile waterproof Bluetooth speakers. All of the speakers we reviewed offered at least adequate water resistance, meaning at least an IPX7 rating, which again means the speaker should be submersible in up to one meter (3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes.

The main difference between the speakers was in terms of overall ruggedness and sound quality. Some speakers were clearly designed to survive the rigors of outdoor use in more difficult recreational environments. Some speakers were clearly designed to deliver on sound.

One speaker we examined, the BassPal Shower Radio, is on top of our must have list since it combines all the elements an average buyer of best shower radio is looking for: durability, water-resistance, good sound, portability, and all at a great price. And with that, we can definitely recommend the BassPal Shower Radio as your go-to waterproof Bluetooth speaker.



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Best Shower Squeegees Review

Removing mold, mildew, and stains from shower doors and walls can be a pain. You can keep on scrubbing every week, or if you want to cut down your work, use the best shower squeegees.

Now, not all squeegees are worth your money. That’s why we went ahead and compiled four of the best squeegees for you:

  • Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass
  • Zack 40000 Puro Bathroom Squeegee
  • cleret iDO Shower Squeegee with DUAL Wiping Edge Cleaning Blade
  • OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

To get more details about their features and benefits, keep reading.

Best Shower Squeegee

Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass

With its all-black finish, the desired tools™ Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass might strike you as boring. But, it’s fully functional. You can use it for removing water, dirt, and cleaning product from your shower doors and windows, car doors and windshields, house windows, and tiles.

The squeegee is 10 inches tall (from the tip of the handle to the blade) and 7.7 inches long. The handle has a hanging hook at the tip and is covered by a soft foam, which supposedly absorbs less moisture and is easy to dry between use (depending on the humidity).

The package includes a black squeegee and two replacement silicone blades (8 inches).

Note: This product is made in China specially for desired tools™ (USA and Europe).


  • Adding two replacement silicone blades is a nice touch.
  • The silicone blade doesn’t leave water marks or scratches the surface.
  • The ergonomic handle is comfortable and easy to hold.


  • Since the handle is wrapped in foam, it could stay wet for too long.
  • The suction hook doesn’t stay firmly in place.
  • After some time, it starts to leave streaks, even when light or heavy pressure was used.

Zack 40000 Puro Bathroom Squeegee

With its sleek and clean features, the Zack 40000 Puro Bathroom Squeegee perfectly blends with elegant, contemporary bathrooms. It’s made of 18/10 brushless stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rust and provides the longest held polish.

This has a clip style channel. This simply means it uses end clips to keep the rubber blade in place and provide a better tension, so it stays flat across the glass.

The Zack 40000 Puro Bathroom Squeegee is 9.84 inches (25 centimeters) long and 3.15 inches (8 centimeters) wide, while the blade is around 9 ¾ inches wide.

When you’re not using it, you can place it on its self-adhesive or screw-on, stainless steel wall hook.

Note: This squeegee doesn’t come with replacement blades.


  • Cleans glass fast and effectively, without leaving visible marks.
  • The adhesive on the holder firmly sticks to any surface.
  • It’s pleasing to the eyes, compact, and well-designed.


  • It’s expensive (but its quality makes up for it).
  • It takes a little time to get used to how to hold it. (Hold it underhand and pull it down.)
  • It doesn’t have a suction cup (if that’s what you prefer).

cleret iDO Shower Squeegee with DUAL Wiping Edge Cleaning Blade

The Clerét iDO Shower Squeegee with DUAL Wiping Edge Cleaning Blade looks simple yet stylish—something that minimalists would approve. Unlike the previous squeegees in this list, it has two wiping blades, each 12 inches long, for a more efficient cleaning. The handle is approximately 6 inches wide and 4.75 inches long.

The iDO weighs only 3.9 ounces, so it’s easy to use and puts less stress on your wrist. Since it’s not made from heavy steel, it won’t harm your foot in case you accidentally dropped it. Plus, you won’t have to worry about rusting or scratched surfaces.

This squeegee comes with a wall-mounted holder. It attaches to smooth surfaces through non-permanent adhesive./Note: This product is made in the U.S.A.


  • It does a perfect job of wiping the dirt, water mineral deposits, and cleaning liquids off shower doors and windows.
  • It’s great for delicate surfaces.
  • To some extent, it helps improve mold and mildew problems.


  • The end cap easily loosens, causing the squeegee to keep falling off.
  • The area between the two blades collect water.
  • The blades might tear after months (around seven) of use.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

Finally, we have the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee. It looks classy with its stainless-steel construction with a curved handle with hook.

It’s lightweight (4 ounces) and has a soft, non-slip, and contoured handle. These features lessen stress and strain on your hands and wrists. To make things easier for you, its wide, flexible blade covers a lot of curved or smooth area with just one long stroke.

It comes with a PVC-free suction cup that efficiently stores the OXO Squeegee after use. The hook of the handle rotates for easy access and storage.


  • The rubber handle grip fits in the palm of the hand, without slipping when wet.
  • The suction cup stays in place, whether you stick it to glass or tile.
  • The black and stainless-steel construction makes it look attractive and prevents it from rusting.


  • The blade could be wider, so it would only take a few strokes to clean an area.
  • The edge of the handle is curved inwards, so it collects a small amount of water or soap solution.
  • It may sometimes leave streaks because the middle of the blade doesn’t touch the glass.


Save yourself the fuss and use a squeegee instead. You have plenty of options. We only mentioned four of the best squeegees in this article. Feel free to shop around to get one that best fits your needs.

Consider these when buying squeegees:

  • Mounting type: suction cup, hanging, and self-adhesive tape
  • Blade size: Measure the area where you’re going to use it then add an allowance (around 0.25 inch).
  • Handle and channel material: stainless steel and plastic
  • Handle and blade design: Will it collect water?
  • Is it noisy?
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Best Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure Review

Taking a hot or cold shower is truly a satisfying experience—especially when you’re sweaty or dirty from exercising or doing something outdoors. But, low water pressure is one of the factors that make a shower frustrating.

Low water pressure could be caused by several things: a leaking pipe, calcium buildup in pipes, or a faulty pressure regulator. It’s best to identify the cause and fix it.

If your current shower head is simply defective, you might want to consider buying the best shower head for low water pressure. Read this review to discover our top picks!

Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray

The YOO.ME high-pressure hand-held shower head is a good solution to your low water pressure problem. It has an upgraded 2XP turbocharging technology that conserves water and provides a powerful spray even with low water pressure. Around 2.5 gallons (federally mandated maximum flow rate) flow out of this shower head each minute.

Three settings:

  • Powerful Spray
  • Powerful + Massage
  • Massage

This has rubber jet nozzles that prevent mineral deposits. The shower head body and adjustable bracket are made from sturdy and heat-resistant ABS engineering grade plastic. Meanwhile the hose and connection fittings are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and solid brass, respectively.


  • Stainless steel hose (braided): 79 inches
  • Shower head: 3.35 inches (85 millimeters) diameter spray face and 8.27 inches (210 millimeters) handle length

Includes: adjustable bracket, stainless steel hose, extra washer, water flow regulator, hand shower, extra hose gasket, special coupon card, manual sheet, and customer service card


  • Strong shower spray despite poor water pressure
  • Cuts your shower time by around ¼
  • Provides a relaxing shower experience


  • Water pressure could be too strong if you have sensitive skin
  • Made of plastic that looks flimsy
  • Rusting problem with the shower head and hose

High Pressure High Flow Fixed Chrome 3 Inch Showerhead

Next on the list is the compact shower head from SomovWorld. The chrome plating gives a beautiful, mirror-like finish that’s perfect for any modern bathroom and outdoor shower.

It has a 3-inch shower head with a wide spray range to provide the highest possible pressure. The water flow regulator (2.5 GPM) is removable, so you can experience the maximum water flow to cut down your shower time.

It’s relatively easy to shift the angle of the shower head to the direction you like. That’s thanks to its adjustable brass ball joint.

It has a G 1/2 connection thread that easily fits into most shower arms. The face and nozzles are made of silicone for a hassle-free maintenance and to prevent calcium deposits.

Includes: high-pressure shower head, Teflon tape, extra water filter, and installation manual


  • Simple to install and take out the water regulator—thanks to the manual that comes with the product
  • Ensures you properly rinse out soap and hair care products due to the increased shower pressure
  • No mineral deposits clogging the nozzle or shower head face


  • Releases too much water (without the water regulator), which wastes a lot of water and energy for heating
  • Can’t adjust from heavy spray to fine spray
  • Made of plastic, which puts its durability into question

Delta Faucet 2-Spray Shower Head

The Delta Faucet 2-Spray Shower Head has thrice more coverage for your body and delivers 2o to 30 percent less water than the ordinary shower head.

It has a maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM at 80 psi (pound per square inch). If you need to conserve more water without sacrificing your comfort, it can also deliver 1.85 gallons of water per minute.

Thanks to its adjustable H2OKinetic spray, you can choose the water pressure that fits your needs—a high-pressure flow for an invigorating massage or a gentle, water-efficient flow for a relaxing rinse.

Cleaning it is easy. It features self-cleaning spray holes to prevent clogging due to lime and mineral deposits.

Other details:

  • Shower head dimensions: 4.63 inches (depth) x 4.06 inches (width)
  • Flow rate: 9.5 liters/minute at 550 kPa (kilopascal)
  • Fittings type: ½-inc IPS connection

Includes: shower head, hardware, and installation guide


  • Great pressure and coverage, even if you live at the top of a hill
  • Hot shower lasts longer on the low setting
  • Less tedious and more fun to shower


  • No settings for changing the stream
  • The water flow settings are not that significant.
  • Made of plastic, not metal

AquaDance 7″ Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo

The AquaDance 3328 Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower can be used either as an overhead shower or a hand-held shower.

With its ‘Microban Anti Microbial Technology,’ you and your family can enjoy a cleaner shower every time. It works by preventing dangerous bacteria, mildew, and molds from growing inside.

It has a large 7-inch (diameter) face for greater coverage. You can swivel the overhead bracket to get the desired angle that you want.

Plus, it has 6 settings to give you more control on the water flow and pressure:

  • Power Mist
  • Pulsating Massage
  • Power Rain
  • Rain Mist
  • Rain Massage
  • Water Saving Pause Mode


  • Provides just enough pressure to give you the feeling of being really clean after soaping up
  • Easy to switch between the different settings
  • Has a mode that stops the shower heads to give you time to soap up


  • The shower head keeps falling off due to an ill-fitting holder.
  • The shower hose is 4.5 to 5 feet (54 to 60 inches) long, which might not be OK for shorter individuals.
  • The hose leaks after months of use.


This is not an exhaustive list, but it shows you the best shower heads for low water pressure available on the market today. Each has its unique features, as well as limitations and flaws.

Be sure to know what you’re buying. It might help to keep these things in mind when shopping for a new low-pressure shower head:

  • Your budget
  • Design of the shower head
  • Spray settings
  • Build quality
  • Self-cleaning features
  • Approximate amount of water it can conserve
  • How it controls the flow rate and pressure
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Best Shower Curtain Rods Review

Everybody needs privacy in the bathroom. That’s why shower curtains have always been considered as household necessities. But, we can’t use one without a durable rod to hold it 24/7.

Sure, we’re just talking about a long metal pole to be installed horizontally, but it’s so much more than that.

The best shower curtain rod has to be super-durable against constant moisture. It should also have a smooth surface so it will be easier for you to move the curtain side to side. And, of course, it must be easy to install for people who aren’t really handy with tools.

4 Best Shower Curtain Rods for Your Bathroom Review

Considering durability and convenience, we highly recommend the following products:

BrioFox Tension Shower Curtain Rod

A shower curtain can’t serve its purpose if it won’t stay in position. Without something to secure the rod’s end, the curtain won’t be able to completely cover you in the shower.

To address that concern, BrioFox Tension Shower Curtain Rod has a bigger non-slip plate than the standard size. It also has the traditional spring tension despite its advanced features.

We must also highlight the material used for this excellent product. It is made of high-grade 304 stainless steel to resist corrosion for at least five years. It will even look good in your bathroom because of the mirror-like shine and smoothness of the surface. Don’t worry about water stains; the metal surface is easy to clean.

Since BrioFox Tension Shower Curtain Rod doesn’t require holes and screws for installation, you don’t have to use a drill at all. Even though that doesn’t sound too reassuring, we guarantee that it won’t fall down as long as you install it correctly.

As a plus, this shower curtain rod is portable. It is lightweight, but it can hold curtains weighing up to 20 pounds thanks to the extra thickness. You may remove it without any hassle so you can bring it with you if you have to relocate. It won’t even damage wooden, tiled, or wallpapered surfaces since it has a large plate.


  • Big non-slip plate and spring tension for long-term stability without screws
  • Extra-thick structure for heavy shower curtains (up to 20 lbs.)
  • 304 stainless steel for corrosion-resistance
  • Shiny and smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable and lightweight for portability
  • Can be safely installed on different kinds of surfaces


  • Uneven finish
  • Not purely stainless steel
  • Weak rubber components

Zenna Home NeverRust Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod

Even if it’s not made of stainless steel, Zenna Home NeverRust Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod is still resistant to rust. Its aluminum bar is lightweight but strong enough to hold shower curtains for several years.

However, the best part that sets this shower curtain rod apart from other options is the curved style. The unique design aims to give you more space in the shower.

Despite that feature, you still don’t need screws to install this product. Just like the first product, this one relies on tension.


  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Lighter than stainless steel
  • Tension mount for easier installation and versatility
  • Curved structure for additional space


  • Can only stay up in less than a year
  • Snags shower curtain rings
  • Doesn’t stay in a horizontal position for a long time
  • Low-quality plastic components

AmazonBasics Shower Curtain Tension Rod

This time, we’re going to pay more attention to versatility. AmazonBasics Shower Curtain Tension Rod can become shorter or longer by simply twisting it. The purpose of the easier adjustment is to help you install curtains not just in showers but in doorways and windows as well.

While most shower curtain rods have a metal finish, this one comes in unusual colors like black and white. That’s perfect if interior design is one of your priorities, especially if you’re going for a modern look in your home.


  • Twist adjustment for quick installation in windows and doorways
  • Tension mount for a tool-free installation
  • Stylish design to complement different decors and interiors


  • Flimsy rubber ends
  • Weak tension
  • Gets weaker in its maximum length
  • Easily breaks when you twist the tension
  • Can’t hold heavier types of curtains

Vailge Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Here’s another multipurpose option. Vailge Tension Shower Curtain Rod is also useful as an alternative room divider. It has an edgy black surface to look good in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and – of course – bathrooms.

When it comes to installation, the tension is supported with a button design that will lock in place quickly. It also works with a spring mechanism to strengthen the grip. That will keep your walls safe from adhesives.

  • Can be used as a room divider
  • Black surface for a more versatile look
  • Button and lock tension for hassle-free adjustment and stability
  • Strong spring tension to protect the wall’s surface


  • Too thick for some shower curtain rings
  • Not smooth enough
  • No support in the middle to make the rod straighter
  • Tricky installation process


A lot of people don’t know how to use drills and install screws. That’s why it’s completely understandable for them to prefer tension shower curtain rods. On that note, the number one priority for this type of rod should always be stability.

BrioFox Tension Shower Curtain Rod has a really strong spring tension. Since it has a large plate as well, it won’t fall down easily. It will remain stable for years. If you need to transfer it somewhere, the removal won’t ruin your walls. No wonder it’s the best shower curtain rod.

There you have it for our list of shower curtain rods you should consider buying for your bathroom. Remember to measure your shower’s opening first before clicking the “Add to Cart” button. You don’t want to deal with a sagging rod in the future.


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When Was Your First Shower Beer?

The other day someone asked me how long ago I had experienced my first shower beer, and I was surprised how quickly I remembered the exact day.  For the record, it was June 29th, 2002 and my beer of choice was a Lone Star tallboy.   Ahhh the memories.

The reason I remember this so vividly was because June 29th is my birthday and my roommate at the time was obsessed with making sure I was completely shit-hammered by the time we went out that night.  After a valiant morning of pre-game drinking, I decided that I needed to shower up and get ready for my evening of debauchery and regret.  To my surprise, as I walked into the bathroom, I saw an unopened beer on the counter and a shot of whiskey.  For a moment I stared at both and silently resented my roommate.  Without much thought, I took the shot, opened the beer and accepted my fate.  A few minutes later, as I stepped into the hot shower I reached for that beer and took a drink.  That was the exact moment I decided that drinking beer in the shower would be a regular thing for me. 

Did other people know about this shower + beer thing?  Would people think I’m some sort of weirdo for drinking in the shower?  These were the first two questions that immediately came to mind.  The next question was, “How did I not know about this sooner?!?”

Well that was 11 years ago, and I can proudly say that I still enjoy my shower beers.  Only those of us who have actually tried this little ritual can truly understand and appreciate the experience.  If you’re reading this now and have never drank a beer in the shower, do yourself a favor and give it a go.  I’m almost certain you’ll get the same felling as those of us who already know.  And for those of you who are no stranger to the awesomeness of the mighty shower beer, this question is for you:  When did you have your first shower beer? 


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